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How will the Internet disrupt supply chains next? October 2, 2015

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Do you remember “You’ve Got Mail”? In the 1998 hit movie, the Internet enables romance to flower between Tom Hanks, who played a big box bookstore owner, and Meg Ryan, an independent bookstore owner. Ironically, that same Internet has now clobbered big box bookstores.

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About Supply Chain Management May 22, 2010

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Free online working paper August 22, 2008

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Berikut ini adalah daftar database working paper dari beberapa university terkenal. Silahkan meluncur kesana, dan download gratis.

Video: What is supply chain? July 31, 2008

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US Economist on China Economy June 17, 2008

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From The New York Times:

The Americans scolded the Chinese on mismanaging their economy, from state subsidies to foreign investment regulations to the valuation of their currency. Your economic system, the Americans strongly implied, should look a lot more like ours. But in recent weeks, the fingers have been wagging in the other direction. 

This is just another example of Americans actions to instruct other countries what to do but they indeed fail in their own country.

Deming Quality Management Philosphy April 15, 2008

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The following videos are about the philosophy of quality management that was coined by Edward Deming, the man who was once ignored in his own country but has helped Japan outperforms US in product quality. One of Deming’s concepts is that managing quality is not merely about dealing product, but more with people. 

Taylorism & Fordism: The origin of assembly lines April 15, 2008

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These two videos show the origin of assembly lines which largely apply the concept of Taylorism. The ford’s way of creating cars has revolutionized the manufacturing processes. 

From buyer to integrator: new skill sets for colloborative supply chains February 7, 2008

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Instead of many years, HP did all the transition from a vertical to a collaborative development model in less than one year

This is an excerpt from an interesting articles published in Production and Operations Management. The paper discusses how Hewlett-Packard carried out a big transformation, from manufacturer to buyer then integrator. I think what Hewlett-Packard did is very interesting insight and I believe it will become a model for other industry.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has shifted its manufacturing (more…)

innocentive.com: eBay-nya ide December 12, 2007

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Di eBay, kita bisa jualan barang dan juga jasa dengan sistem lelang maupun buy-now (fixed-price). Kalau di eBay anda harus punya barang yang harus dijual, ataupun jasa yang bisa ditawarkan. Nah, bagaimana kalau anda tidak punya barang ataupun jasa, tetapi anda termasuk orang yang super kreatif, suka otak-atik (+ gatuk) dan juga suka tantangan?

Innocentive.com memberikan tempat bagi anda untuk menjual daya kreatif anda. Website ini, layaknya eBay, merupakan tempat berkumpulnya para pemikir, scientist, solver untuk menerima tantangan memecahkan berbagai tantangan yang di posting oleh berbagai pihak di seantero jagad.

Simaklah sendiri disana.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s Supply Chain July 9, 2007

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Boeing – persuahaan penghasil pesawat terbang terbesar selain Airbus –  baru-baru ini meluncurkan jenis pesawat terbarunya yang diberi nama Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”. Launching Dreamliner dilakukan pada hari minggu 8 July 2007, yang dalam system penanggalan Amerika tanggal tersebut ditulis sebagai 07.08.07, persis mewakili nama seri dari Boeing 787 Dreamliner ini. (more…)